Girls School (600 x 399)There are a number of benefits to single sex education, we recognise this at Queen Mary’s and feel that it is our girls only environment that contributes to the happy caring atmosphere of the school.

Boys and girls mature at different rates.  We recognise this and our girls benefit from an education geared specifically to their needs.

What do we do differently?

Create a safe risk-taking environment where girls can learn from their mistakes without fear of being put down or dismissed.  They provide an environment where there is no shame in working hard or being successful.  This enables girls to develop confidence on their own abilities as individuals, and not define themselves by their gender.

Counter mass media influences by freeing girls from the pressure to conform to sexist patterns of behaviour, and providing them with a framework with to judge the image of girls in today’s media.  Girls are free to grow up at their own pace.

Support a ‘can-do’ philosophy.  Girls hold all the senior positions in the school: all the scientists are girls, all the mathematicians are girls.  There is no subject area or activity of the school in which girls do not excel.  This leads undoubtedly to a ‘can-do’ philosophy in the school.

Recognise the qualities of girls and how they learn.  Girls’ schools are expert in recognising the qualities of girls and understanding what makes them tick and how they learn.  This knowledge is built up over years of experience of teaching girls.

Celebrate learning without social distractions. Girls’ schools offer an environment in which girls can concentrate on learning without the distraction of boys. Without the presence of boys, girls tend to display their intelligence and curiosity regardless of powerful age-determined notions of popularity, attractiveness or negative peer pressure.

Ensure that there is no sex stereotyping of subjects.  Girls are more likely to take subjects that are less traditionally popular with girls because subjects don’t acquire a masculine or feminine connotation.

Celebrate the female perspective. Girls’ schools celebrate the female perspective and way of doing things, are places where girls are accustomed to being heard and being valued for who they are, irrespective of what they look like or what they wear.  The girls’ school environment affirms and encourages young women in their capacities as confident individuals, leaders and agents of social change.

For more information about the benefits of girls’ schools, please click here to visit The Girls’ Schools Association website.