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Queen Mary’s is able to offer financial assistance to some families who would otherwise not be able to afford an independent education. Scholarships and awards are given in recognition of excellence and potential ability in one of our scholarship areas, however where a candidates doesn’t suit an award then the school will consider a bursary application which is a discount based on the financial circumstances of the applicant’s family. These are dealt with in the strictest of confidence. All bursary applications will be reviewed by the Governors at their Spring Term meeting. In assessing financial circumstances, the school uses the standard procedure recommended by the Independent Schools’ Bursars Association.

If you are interested in the possibility of your daughter attending Queen Mary’s, please request a prospectus and then arrange a visit. This is a vital stage in being able to decide whether Queen Mary’s is the right school for your child, and during your visit you will be able to discuss the financial possibilities with the Head.

Parents of current pupils who are experiencing difficulty in paying their fees due to changes in their financial circumstances should contact the Head.

The school is pleased to offer 10% sibling discount and 10% MOD remission from the annual school fees (excludes extras).

Please click on the links for details regarding the Scholarship and Bursaries policy