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Art Scholarships

Scholarships are available for candidates who show, on examination, exceptional artistic ability at 11+, 12+ or 13+.

Candidates will be asked to spend a morning or afternoon at Queen Mary’s during our scholarship week at the start of February. Individual arrangements will be made with each candidate.

Candidates will be asked to;

  1. Present a portfolio of work showing ability in a variety of media. Photographs and ceramic works can form part of the artwork and the candidate will be expected to talk about her work with the Head of Art.
  2. Show some knowledge of major artists during informal discussions with the Head of Art. A question such as ‘Who is your favourite artist?’ will be a probable starting point.
  3. Produce an observational drawing of still life within the time allocation of approximately one hour and twenty minutes. The contents of the still life will be made up of man-made and organic form. The Art Department will provide all relevant stimulus and all necessary materials.

Before the date of the examination the candidate may wish to do some practice work based on the above theme. If so, she should bring this work with her on the day of the examination.