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Sport Scholarships

Sports Scholarships will be offered to candidates who can demonstrate exceptional sporting ability or potential and who contribute to the busy sporting life of the school.

Sports assessments will take place during the first week of February and candidates will be assessed by an independent adjudicator. Candidates will be expected to bring appropriate PE kit.

Sports Scholarships will be offered for 11+, 12+ and 13+. They will be awarded to candidates who show that they have the potential to be county standard or higher in at least one, but preferably two of our major sports; hockey, netball, swimming, athletics or tennis.

General Guidelines:


Candidates will be asked to perform a variety of multi skill tasks, looking especially at coordination, speed, agility, balance and fitness. There will also be an assessment of game play so that they can demonstrate their level of coordination, understanding of competitive play and their determination to succeed during a game.

12+ and 13+

Candidates will be expected to nominate a chosen sport in which they would like to be assessed. The assessment will comprise of multi-skilled tasks, which will look at coordination, agility, speed and fitness, as well as looking at core skills and team play in their chosen sport.

References from coaches may also be requested.