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Year 1 and 2


During this key stage, we introduce the children to a wider range of subjects including French.

We place a strong emphasis on phonics, reading, writing, arithmetic and investigative skills but we also spend a lot of time designing, creating and composing in art, DT and music.

Children in the Pre-Prep receive a great deal of individual attention. We hear them read individually almost every day in Year 1. They will have regular sports lessons, including weekly swimming. Sports Day is a competitive affair in the summer and we can have galas and fixtures against other schools.

The school has a range of extra-curricular activities; including ballet, gymnastics, horse riding and outdoor pursuits. This means that many of your child’s extra activities can be catered for in their school day in the safe environment of Baldersby Park, leaving evenings and weekends less hectic.

In the final two terms, one of the most anticipated curriculum ventures is when we take learning out of the classroom. We visit museums, workplaces and places of natural beauty. The children invariably follow up their visit with inspirational work the next day.

Please see the attached Early Years SEND local offer here