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The school moved to Baldersby Park in 1985 and is set over 40 acres of landscaped grounds. Our pupils achieve self confidence and independence in a safe environment through a wide range of academic, music, sporting and recreational activities. Our examination results are excellent and we cater for a wide range of abilities with teaching tailored to individual need.

Featured in The Good Schools Guide as providing “a good solid education focusing on creating girls with confidence, a ‘have a go’ mentality and freedom to grow into their own skin.”.

Academic achievements are important and pupils are expected to work hard and achieve their potential, but priority is also given to music, sport, outdoor activities and the arts. Each pupil is encouraged to discover and build on her strengths, gaining self-respect and confidence as she does so. The school environment is secure, allowing pupils to grow up safely without unwelcome distractions and pressures.

The school is a Christian foundation with its own Chaplain; pupils learn to respect each other against a background of faith and morality and within a supportive community. As a result the values learnt stay for life.

The four cornerstones of the school can be found within every area of the school; Good Hard Work, Public Spirit, Good Manners and Trustworthiness.

These foundations ensure each child develops into an independent individual with a strong moral compass.