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School Life

Queen Mary’s believes that academic success is enhanced by its small classes where girls benefit from specialist teaching. The school expects and achieves excellent results in GCSE and other public examinations. Pupils are encouraged to work independently, enabling the academically gifted to study a wide range of subjects successfully, whilst those who are less academic achieve far more than they ever believed possible. Each girl has her own tutor to oversee progress, as well as providing support and encouragement. Girls learn to work hard, and are therefore fulfilled and happy.

We offer specialist teaching across a wide curriculum from the very beginning of school life, particularly in art, languages, music and sport. Offering education from 2 to 16 years means there are no step changes between primary and secondary or between Key Stages. This provides continuity and progression.

The School Day

The school day begins at 0830 for pupils in Years 3 – 11 and at 0845 for those pupils in the EYFS and Pre-prep. Lessons in the main school are 55 minutes long. Finishing times are as follows:

EYFS                       1515

Pre-prep                  1530

Years 3 and 4          1545

Years 5 – 11            1640

Activities are held at lunch times and after school.

Pastoral Care

We pride ourselves at Queen Mary’s for having outstanding Pastoral Care. The person most directly concerned with a child’s pastoral care is the child’s tutor, who will be the form teacher up to year 6. Tutors are responsible for the academic and pastoral supervision of their tutees, for monitoring their progress, extra-curricular activities, achievements - both within and outside of school, acting as a source of advice, keeping other staff informed of significant developments and keeping in close touch with parents. Children are, of course, free to discuss any matters with any member of staff, but unless confidentiality issues are involved, the tutor will always be informed of such discussions so that a complete picture may be maintained. Mrs Hannam Walpole as Deputy Head is responsible for all Pastoral Care matters including Safeguarding within the school.