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Speech Day 2021

Celebrating the achievements of all Queen Mary's girls.

We have celebrated the successes of this academic year at the first of our two Speech Days for 2021. We were delighted to have been able to welcome the whole school into the marquee, however, we did miss you, our parents, and look forward to sharing our Speech Day film on Friday next week.

In the meantime, please find here the list of Prize Winners, photographs from today and the list of Positions of Responsibility.

With every good wish

Carole Cameron

Photographs from Speech Day

List of Prize Winners:

Academic Excellence Prizes

Pre-Prep Arabella Biker

Gabriella Hesmondhalgh

Astrid Barrington-Wells

Ava Ilsley

Cora Overstreet

Isabella Tannock

Margot Terrett

Harriet Wade

Dottie Barker

Emilia Bird

Suraya Brierley

Emilia Potter

Scarlett Williams

Emilia Wright

Year 3 Florence Barnes
Year 4 Imogen Gardiner
Year 5N Imogen Safhill
Year 5W Isabella Greensit
Year 6L Charlotte Hendrie
Year 6ET Ursula McDonnell
Year 7HH Tara Pearce
Year 7KP Elisabeth Tillett
Year 8  Emily Doswell
Year 9AM  Daisy Weston
Year 9AN  Francesca Holland
Year 10  Grace Bleiker


 Subject Prizes – Year 11

Geography(Raines Plaque)

Mathematics (Moore Cogs)


Mallory Language Plaque

Evie Milbank



Tilly Armstrong


Religious Studies

Arabella Jaques

Digital Technology

Amelia Moody
Food Technology



Maisy Wilson
English Isabelle Andrews
Chemistry  Lilian Roberts
Physical Education  Jemima Berry
Classics Sophie Lambert
Felicity Belward Art Prize  Emily Jackson

Music Prizes

Head Chorister’s Cup  Grace Hughes
Composition Cup  Grace Hughes
Senior Musician Cup  Annabelle Dowell
Prep School Musician Cup  Elisabeth Tillett
Junior Musician Cup  Ursula McDonnell


Senior Games Prize  Jemima Berry
Y7 and 8 Games Prize  Grace Schofield-Mell
Junior Games Prize  Amelia Robson
Carberry Cup for Sporting Effort  Roisin Hanson
Liz Cooper Rose Bowl for the

Best Sportswoman

 Amelie Winter

Riding Prizes

Kit Barker Cup for Best Senior Rider  Amelia Ludiman
Best Junior Rider Cup  Nya Harriman
Amy Osborne Cup for Riding  Anna Harrison-Topham

Other Prizes

The Hill Cup for Boarding Evie Milbank
Speech and Drama Cup (KS3+4) Eulalie Burrows and Isabella Hay
Speech and Drama Cup (KS2) Ursula McDonnell
Outdoor Education Paddle  Eva McClelland

School Service Prizes

The Alderson Cup for Courage Sophia Strong
The Queen Mary’s Association Prize (Year 8) Fleur Seldon
Simm Cornerstone Cup (Years 6 – 8) Tara Pearce


Jo Miall Shield for Good Manners (Years 5 – 6) Daisy Craven
Foster Courtesy Plaque (Years 3 – 6) Jamieleigh Lowe


The Queen Mary’s Association Prize (Senior) Isabella Hay
Sir Eric Ohlson Prize for Service (Seniors) Evie Milbank
The Woodard Ethos Prize Roisin Hanson


The McFadden Cup for Peace and Understanding (Seniors) Lilian Roberts
The Blakestone Cup (Northallerton Lions) Grace Calvert

Positions of Responsibility

Riding Captain Emily Mortimer
Art Captain Henrietta Kimberley
Drama Captains Eulalie Burrows

Isabella Hay

Marketing and Events Captains  Meghan Irwin
Captain of Pre-prep  Natasha Potter
Captain of Prep School  Jovannah Storey
Boarding Captain  Rosemary Barton
Scholars’ Captain  Grace Bleiker
Deputy Captain of Byland  Jovannah Storey
Captain of Byland  Eulalie Burrows
Deputy Captain of Fountains  Elsa Styles
Captain of Fountains  Olivia Wilson
Deputy Captain of Jervaulx  Isabella Hay
Captain of Jervaulx  Elizabeth O ‘Reilly
Deputy Captain of Rievaulx  Darcey Ewin
Captain of Rievaulx  Kitty Briggs
Deputy Games Captain  Elsa Styles
Games Captain  Isabella Hay
Deputy Head Chorister and Music Captain  Annabelle Dowell
Head Chorister  Kitty Briggs
Deputy Head Girl  Grace Calvert
Head Girl  Romany Potts


Please note, this webpage is only available this weekend. However, due to it containing full names of the girls it is not connected from other pages on the website and it will then be taken down.


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