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Birds of Prey Visit KS 1 and 2

Today Key Stages 1 and 2 had very special visitors from York Bird of Prey Centre, based at Burn Hall in Huby. These special feathered visitors were Ice (a young Snowy Owl), Owlbert (a Barn Owl), Whisky (a European Eagle Owl and Assassin (a Harris Hawk).

The girls had an amazing time, learning fascinating facts about these majestic creatures and also gaining a deeper appreciation of them by being able to actually handle the birds themselves, donning the required heavy (left-handed) glove. They even learned why it was a left-handed glove!

York Bird of Prey Centre are firm believers in allowing visitors to handle the birds wherever possible, holding the view that such close interaction with these amazing birds leads to a deeper understanding and appreciation of them and why we need to help protect them and their environment.

We would like to thank Chris and Jess from York Bird of Prey Centre for their time and patience with us today.

We have a large album of pictures on our Facebook page:

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