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National Championship Finals for the Queen Mary’s Riders

A record seven teams and six individual girls from Queen Mary’s have qualified for the National Schools Equestrian Association Championship Finals and this week will compete to become national champions.

The girls will compete over the four day event against strong competition in Show Jumping and Jumping with Style classes where they have previously been crowned national champions.

Dee Ormston, Queen Mary’s Riding Captain said: “Previous successes may add to the pressure on some teams, but the support and training that we have received from Robert Blane and Emma Swinburn, alongside the Queen Mary’s have-a-go mentality, have given us the determination and resilience to dig deep, ride each stride at a time and enjoy what will be an amazing experience.”

The girls will compete in several classes including the 70-75cm and 80-85cm Show Jumping, the 70-75cm and 80-85cm Jumping with Style and one of the senior girls will compete in the 110cm class.

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