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Artificial Intelligence: Computer Science Week

To celebrate Computer Science Week, girls across all year groups took part in ‘The Hour of Code’, a global event in over 180 countries with the theme of ‘Artificial Intelligence’. Our Year 6 girls also created two amazing videos.

Emilia and Marissa, Year 6 enjoyed the experience:

“During Computer Science Week we learnt about John McCarthy and put our knowledge of the history of the computer to the test as we made a film to advertise Computer Science Week and artificial intelligence, AI for short. In the film we showed the progress of AI and the work of John McCarthy and Alan Turing, extraordinary pioneers of IT. Once we made the film we went on to complete the Hour of Code to try and complete 20 levels in an hour. We used ‘The Grinch’ theme levels to try and complete it. Seven of us did!”

“Computer Science Week was the perfect chance to learn more about robots and AI. The Hour of Code was really fun and interesting.”


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