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Getting Active in Memory of Captain Tom

In memory of Captain Sir Tom Moore, we have put together the 100 Challenge with our PE Department.

Queen Mary’s girls can interpret the challenge however they see fit and play on their strengths and hobbies they enjoy including:

1.     cover 100 miles/km on her bike, walking, running

2.     100 cartwheels a day

3.     100 skips with a skipping rope each day

4.     100m sprint every day

5.     100 hours of her active hobby in the time frame given

Like Captain Tom did in the first lockdown, we want to encourage the girls to be physically active at home, even during half term, and to look after their physical and mental wellbeing. The PE Department has created templates and has posted them on Google Classroom for the girls to record their distances and tick off their challenges. Senior girls can track on Strava or GoJoe apps.

Results can be submitted up to Monday 1 March.

You may wish to make a donation to The Captain Tom Foundation at

As a Yorkshireman, Captain Sir Tom Moore inspired us all and at Queen Mary’s we wish to complete this challenge to salute Captain Tom and capture his optimistic philosophy and wonderful spirit.

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