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Queen Mary’s Matilda The Musical Jr.

Pupils from Queen Mary’s wowed audiences with five performances of a polished, high-energy retelling of this modern classic.

With the extremely familiar scenes of Bruce Bogtrotter and the gigantic chocolate cake and the newt that finds its way into Miss Trunchbull’s glass, there were so many humorous moments in the show running alongside an inspirational story of a little girl full of dreams.

The cast delivered amazing performances from start to finish. The principal characters brought confidence, stage presence, strong singing voices and heart-felt moments to their performances with wonderful support from the dancers and ensemble. The song ‘Revolting Children’ was a particular highlight. 

Local schools across the area were invited to a special performance where three lucky winners found Golden Tickets under their chairs. One boy from Baldersby St James C of E Primary School said “it was as good as when I saw it on the West End”.  

Carole Cameron, Head of Queen Mary’s School, North Yorkshire, said “with a sharp mind, vivid imagination and a love of reading, Matilda is a great role model and has the confidence and resilience, seen in many Queen Mary’s pupils.

I am extremely proud of every member of the cast and the team behind the scenes. We have very strong Music, Dance and Performing Arts Departments at Queen Mary’s with dedicated staff who have come together to produce this spectacular production.” 

This year Queen Mary’s is proud to launch an enhanced Music Scholarship Programme and Senior Choristerships to widen opportunities for children in the local area. 

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