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Queen Mary’s Scholars Dinner

Queen Mary’s Scholars Dinner was a great success! Following a two-course dinner, Izzie Miller from the Art of Brilliance led an interactive session to discuss the 2% Mindset. It was fantastic to see the Sport, Riding, Music, Art and Academic Scholars bringing different perspectives to the discussion.

Scholars Captain and Deputy Head Girl, Mia C gave her review of the evening.

On Monday 12 September, scholars of all disciplines came together to begin the year with a talk from Izzie Miller who joined us from the Art of Brilliance. Pupils of all ages were encouraged to speak to those they were unfamiliar with as they put their minds together to solve puzzles before enjoying dinner. We were inspired by Ms Miller’s encouraging words and views on the future. Positive psychology is an extremely important part of a person’s skill-set in order to succeed and help those around them. A true take away for many of the scholars was that although your dreams and aspirations may seem crazy and out of reach to others, what is truly important is believing that you can reach them.

It was an honour to be in a room full of so many talented people who constantly inspire those around them, including myself. So many words of encouragement were shared and we all truly welcomed new scholars and pupils into the community. No matter whether it is art, sport, music, riding or academics, Queen Mary’s scholars never falter in striving for high achievement and be leaders to those around them. They embody Queen Mary’s school values by working hard, caring for others and being a valuable part of the community.

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