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Queen Mary’s School COP26

Investigating the themes discussed at the UN Climate Change Conference (COP26), pupils across the year groups have raised awareness in school of the important issues affecting climate change:

Year 10 FT pupils wrote essays to describe how UK households can reduce their carbon footprint.

Elisabeth T: “Year 8 girls are currently doing a campaign about preventing food waste. This is because rotting food releases methane into the atmosphere, which is a greenhouse gas, so, the more food we waste, the more methane we release into the atmosphere. We are encouraging pupils to only take what they need at lunch, and to ask their families to buy local and buy what they need when they can. Overall, our year’s campaign in food tech is to STOP FOOD WASTE”.

Using an online food calculator, Year 6 worked out how many kilogrammes of greenhouse gases different foods produce. They had to calculate the food miles, production processes and where the energy and emissions came from.

Children in other Prep School years wrote poems and developed campaign posters. 


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