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Parent Guide

Parent Hub

The Queen Mary’s parent hub is accessible by clicking on the padlock at the top right of the school home page.  It looks like this:

There are various information pages as well as links to the systems that help us share pupil data with the parent body.


School calendar

To view the school calendar click on the calendar symbol at the top right of the school website.  It looks like this:


Or by clicking on the calendar icon in the parent hub.  The events in the calendar are updated as they are approved in school so you should be kept totally up to date whether you use the website calendar or use the calendar syncing feature.

Once on the calendar page, it is possible to filter the calendar to make it more personal to your needs.  To do this, click on the Open Filters button on the top right of the calendar page and tick the boxes you think may relate to you and your child.  Bear in mind that ticking one of the year group filters will not include events that cross multiple year groups, so it is usually helpful to have Whole School ticked at all times.  If, for example, you have a child in year 3 and one in year 8, one of them boards, you want to be aware of sporting fixtures and Queen Mary’s Friends events, then your filters would look like this:

Alternatively you may wish to simply check the boarding events.  Open the filters, toggle all to get rid of all of the ticks and tick Boarding.

You can click on a day in the month calendar and the event details will appear in the list view.  The arrow buttons will navigate through months and days and there are view settings which should help you see things in the most convenient format for whichever device you are using.

Day View – shows only the selected day’s events

7-Day View – shows 7 days worth of events starting with the selected day

Month View – shows all of the events in the selected month

You can click Today to get you back to today’s date if you are lost.

There is also a handy calendar sync feature which you can access by clicking on Calendar Sync which takes you to this page.  First select the calendar provider you wish to sync with.  You have a choice of Google calendar, Apple calendar or Microsoft Outlook.  There is also an “Other” option which will provide you with a feed link for those wishing to use any other service.  Select your chosen filters, read and follow the instructions above the Sync button and click Sync.  Bear in mind that you could set up separate syncs for whole school events or sports events etc… which would allow you to display each one with a different colour.


iSAMS Parent Portal

When a new girl starts at the school out management information system, iSAMS, sends out a parent portal invite.  You can click on the link to set up the password for your account.  If you forget your password all you need to do is click the forgotten password link.  If your account wasn’t set up when your daughter first started please contact the IT department at school.  The iSAMS parent portal holds your child’s timetable, there may be some documents and files relating to standardised assessments and your child’s end of term reports.  Confusingly, iSAMS sometimes refers to our current school reports as “School Assessments”.  If you come to a page that reads “There are no published reports held within the iSAMS database” click on “School Assessments” and they should appear.  To view the report click on the pdf download button and it should download to your device.

In the school profile menu, in addition to School Timetable and Documents & Files, there is a page for external examinations.  This is only relevant when they reach GCSEs in Year 11.  Your child can share these details with you by accessing their Pupil Portal when the time comes.


Extra-Curricular Bookings

Also known as SOCS Co-Curricular.  The booking process for timed activities is shown below.

Booking Window

At the start of each term the school will define a booking window for parents to select extra curricular activities for their daughter

How to Login

Queen Mary’s has set up a single sign in using your school iSAMS account.  Therefore to login with your email address and iSAMS password please go to this link during the booking window.  The link is also available in the parent hub on the website. There is a “Forgotten your details” button at the bottom of the page if required.

How to Sign Up for Activities

During the booking window, once you have activated your account and logged in, you can view a list of clubs available for your child and sign up to them. If you have more than one child at Queen Mary’s, you will have the option to filter between lists when you first login (see example below).

Signing Up: The Activities Tab

Click the ‘Activities’ tab to see a list of available clubs. During the booking window, you will be able to click ‘Add’ next to the clubs you wish to sign up to. Once you have successfully added a club, there will be a notice next to the club that says ‘added’. The club will also appear on your child’s personalised calendar.

Some of the extra-curricular activities will include the following tags:

Invite Only – some clubs may not allow pupils/parents to sign up – only staff are able to add pupils to these activities.

Parental Authorisation – Queen Mary’s strongly encourages parents to sign up their child for clubs, especially as some activities specifically require parents using a parent login to sign up. Pupils are unable to add themselves to these clubs.

Full – if a club has ‘Full’ next to it, this club is no longer available to sign up to as it has reached the maximum pupil capacity. Please be reassured that most activities do not have a maximum capacity.

Your Personalised Calendar: The Calendar Tab

Click the ‘Calendar’ tab to view your personalised SOCS timetable which will include extra-curricular clubs that your child has been added to or signed up to. Once the teams have been chosen ahead of fixtures in SOCS Sport their fixtures will also appear in this timetable.

Syncing Your Live, Personalised Calendar: The Calendar Sync Tab

You can sync your child’s SOCS calendar to your personal calendar (e.g. Google or Outlook) which will provide you with a live feed of activities and fixtures. Any changes made to a club or fixture will then update your personal calendar. To do this you need to:

  1. Click on the WebCal link that is automatically created by SOCS
  2. Follow the on-screen instructions.

SOCS Web App

If you are viewing the system on a mobile device you can save it to your mobile home screen as a Web App. Adding the Web App will vary depending on what device and browser you are using.  For iOS, in safari, press the share button and tap add to home screen. For Android, tap the three dots and press add to home screen.

Sports Website

The sports website is also provided by SOCS.  Clicking on the Sports website link.  If you click on a fixture you can see details such as start time (if entered, if not it will say TBC) and venue.  It is possible to see match history and future fixtures for a team by clicking on the team name.  If you click on the blue person symbol you will be taken to the team sheets page where you can see if your child will be playing in the match.  You will need the team sheet password for this which is sent out to parents at the start of the year.  If a fixture is cancelled it will appear with Cancelled written in red.  An alternative way to see your daughter’s team selections is to click on the SOCS login link on the top right of the page.  This will require your iSAMS account user name and password. If you select the calendar for one of your children you should see something like this:

You can see the co-curricular activities and, in green, a sporting fixture for which they have been selected.  You can click on the fixture for further details and a full team sheet. If you wish to synchronise this calendar with co-curricular activities and sports fixtures with your personal calendar click on sync and follow the instructions.

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