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Prep School Curriculum

Queen Mary’s girls love life and love learning.

The curriculum continues the development of independent learning with a broad range of subjects taught by highly experienced form tutors and subject specialists in Science, French, Art, Music, IT, Food Technology, Drama and Physical Education. You will have many Science lessons in a Science laboratory, the perfect setting for the practical experiments which are an essential element of our primary Science curriculum. Art, Music, IT, Food Technology and Drama are taught in the dedicated studios and rooms across the school and you will be able to take advantage of all the Sports facilities including the swimming pool and new full-size floodlit astro turf.

You as an Individual

With dedicated tutors and small class sizes the curriculum is tailored for you. You are encouraged to work independently. Girls with a passion for academic subjects enjoy extension work and we aim to ensure all girls achieve far more than they ever believed possible.

A Cross-Curricular Approach

In Years 3 – 4 we continue to deliver an inspiring curriculum using theme-based or question-based learning to extend your skills and we use aspects of a cross-curricular approach in all years within Queen Mary’s Prep School. This approach not only provides reason and real-world examples of the more intangible topics such as mathematical concepts, it also makes learning exciting and fun.

Real Experiences and Real Passions

Your education is complemented by a full and varied range of visits to museums, theatres, historical sites and places of interest, both locally and further afield. This includes residential stays in Outdoor Education Centres, overnight camps and a trip to France. Additionally, we organise visiting workshops and speakers including authors and musicians as well as travelling theatre companies and you have the opportunity to take part in regular national competitions and challenges.

Feedback and Reporting

We foster a close relationship between you and your parents and teachers at all times and keep parents very well informed at all stages. The inevitable pressure of examinations is introduced with care which allows us to tailor our curriculum appropriately. There is an annual Parents’ Evening for each year group. Alongside parent consultations, an opportunity to speak with teaching staff about progress and targets for future progression, you will receive pupil profiles each Term with Attitude to Learning grades and current attainment information as well as a full end of year report. Teachers and Tutors are open and ready to chat through any questions you may have and information is widely communicated to parents.

We have an exceptional Support for Learning Department.

Support for Learning

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The Admissions Office is open Monday to Friday 09:00 – 17:00. For international enquiries please email in the first instance.

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