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Boarding at Queen Mary’s

Make the most of school life with full-time,
weekly or flexi boarding.

Why Board at Queen Mary’s?

Living with friends in a ‘home from home’, supportive, busy and happy environment is a great way to stimulate your mind academically, maximise time to spend on your passions and encourage long-lasting friendships. Our highly experienced team care greatly and tailor the boarding experience for each individual girl.

At Queen Mary’s we have lots of age-appropriate, varied activities and opportunities both structured and spontaneous, you can enjoy trips, adventures, stargazing and themed evenings as well as canoeing, movie nights with hot chocolate or making pizzas.

Boarding also prepares you for the future as you gain in confidence and maturity whilst learning to become more self-reliant and independent.

When our boarders were asked if they would like us to build a separate boarding house they answered with a very loud “No, we love our dorms!”

A Home from Home

Our boarders live in the heart of Queen Mary’s School. As a magnificent 300 year old building, originally built as a family home, our dorms have period features alongside modern bathrooms and most have superb views across the 40 acres of gardens and grounds. We promote integration between year groups with vertical boarding. Within the building there are separate areas for prep and senior dorms and common rooms to ensure age-appropriate support and care can be provided.

Emily's Story

Emily, Year 7, is a full boarder at Queen Mary’s.

“I feel very privileged to have a second family at my school. Everybody is kind and caring and I love school because the atmosphere is welcoming and homely. I enjoy activities every day after school in boarding as there is a variety of options. I especially like swimming in the River Swale. I board here because I am from a military family. I sometimes miss my family but the boarding staff are fantastic at supporting me through those hard times.”

A Happy Family

You will be welcomed into a friendly community where boarders, mainly from the UK, are cared for as individuals. Our Head of Boarding has four daughters who have experienced all-girls boarding, so knows exactly what is required to create an exciting and supportive environment. Alongside our experienced boarding staff,the Pastoral Team and the whole Queen Mary’s staff creates a community where respect and understanding is built and tolerance and trust is paramount.

Making the Most of School

With boarding activities from Canoeing to Salsa Dancing there is something for everyone. There is allocated Prep time and you will also have time and space to choose activities whether you would like a quick Tennis match, run or a chance to sit down with a good book. 

Weekends at Queen Mary’s

Types of Boarding

Like everything at Queen Mary’s, our boarding provision is flexible to suit you and your family’s needs.

Full Boarding – You may stay at school seven nights a week during term times except for exeats

Weekly Boarding – You may stay at school up to six nights a week (Sunday – Friday). Weekly boarders who do not have Saturday commitments may choose to go home on a Friday and all weekly boarders can choose to stay on a Sunday evening or come in to school on Monday morning for registration.

Flexi Boarding – You may stay for chosen nights on either a regular or ad hoc basis. This may be for a variety of reasons: perhaps to fit in with after school activities or because your parents may be away from home, or as an introduction to weekly/full boarding. 

From a Parents’ Perspective

Modern boarding promotes communication with home and allows for quality family time. Many parents enjoy coming into school for concerts, fixtures and events. Our Queen Mary’s Friends, a group of parents, host events across the year and we have Parent Representatives in each year group. Boarders can be invited to a friend’s home for a weekend or an exeat (consent can be gained from the Boarding Team).

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