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Care and Well-Being

At Queen Mary’s we encourage mutual trust, honesty, integrity and common courtesy. 


Our central philosophy for pastoral care at Queen Mary’s is to follow the four cornerstones of the School: Trustworthiness, Good Manners, Public Spirit and Good Hard Work.


The person most directly concerned with your pastoral care and wellbeing is your tutor. Tutors are responsible for academic and pastoral supervision which includes monitoring your progress, extra-curricular activities and achievements both within and outside of school. Your tutor will act as a source of advice, keeping other staff informed of significant developments and keeping in close contact with your parents. Due to the size of the school, all staff get to know you as a person and you are free to discuss any matters with any member of staff. Unless confidentiality issues are involved, your tutor will always be informed of such discussions so that a complete picture may be maintained.

Health Hub

Our school nurses and boarding staff are available within our welcoming Health Hub which includes a medical room, relaxation room and bedroom. The school nurses are on duty Monday to Friday from 08:15 to 16:00 and all boarding staff are trained in first aid. The Chaplain, School Doctor, School Counsellor, Clinical Psychologist and Independent Listener are also available.


Many parents comment on how Queen Mary’s is a friendly community like a big happy family. Parents enjoy coming into school for concerts, fixtures and events. Our Queen Mary’s Friends, a group of parents, host events across the year and our Parent Representatives in each year group are always there to arrange activities and offer support especially to new parents.


Nutritious snacks and lunches are provided in School using local produce. All dietary requirements are catered for and healthy eating is discussed and promoted through the curriculum. 

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The School Day

08:30 Registration
08:40 Prayers
08:55 Lesson 1
09:50 Lesson 2
10:45 Break
11:05 Lesson 3
12:00 Lesson 4
13:00 Lunch Seniors
13:55 Lesson 5
14:50 Lesson 6
15:45 Lesson 7
16:40 End of Lessons

Saturdays (Years 8 - 11)
08:30 Registration
08:40 Lesson 1
09:40 Lessons 2
10:40 Break
11:00 Chapel / Eucharist
12:00 School finishes, unless involved in school matches or activities

There are optional activities available for Year 7 and other school commitments on Saturdays depending on your interests. A wide range of extra-curricular activities are held at lunchtimes and after school.

Spiritual Ethos

Queen Mary’s School is established in the Christian tradition of the Church of England but welcomes people of all faiths or no faith. Many opportunities are provided for reflection on the Christian faith and the positive benefits of following the teachings of Jesus for the flourishing of life. The Chapel is never locked and girls are free to go into the Chapel whenever they wish. You will regularly participate in services and prayers and Confirmation classes are held in the Chapel. We encourage tolerance and understanding of all faiths and believe the spiritual ethos of our school is an important foundation which underpins all areas of school life and helps prepare you to face the challenges of modern life.

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The Admissions Office is open Monday to Friday 09:00 – 17:00. For international enquiries please email in the first instance.

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