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Queen Mary’s Ethos

As one of the leading private schools in Yorkshire, Queen Mary’s ethos and culture underpins its success.

'Ut Serviamus' - In order that we may serve.

Everyone is welcomed into a happy community where respect and understanding are built and tolerance and trust are at the heart of the school community.

Our Core Purpose
Queen Mary’s is a Christian community that values, nurtures and respects every individual. A place where academic excellence and extensive extra-curricular activities are found within a culture where all are challenged to do their best, serve others, show compassion and act with integrity.

The School Aims

– Strives for excellence in every endeavour
– Loves life and enjoys learning
– Nurtures spirituality and personal growth
– Respects individuality and embraces diversity
– Enhances character and builds resilience
– Creates independent young people
– Makes strong and lasting friendships.

Queen Mary’s Values: The Four Cornerstones

Established 1925

Academic Ethos

To provide a broad, stimulating and balanced education for every pupil regardless of ability covering the following areas: linguistic, mathematical, scientific, technological, human and social, physical and aesthetic and creative education.  

– To educate children of all abilities to the best of their ability
– To achieve excellent value added scores across the curriculum
– To encourage intellectual curiosity, critical analysis and independent thinking

– To make the best use of academic data to give an individual approach to learning

– To ensure that all pupils are best prepared for national assessments

– To prepare each pupil for life beyond Queen Mary’s

– To be fully committed to the recruitment and retention of high calibre staff

– To ensure the training and development of staff.

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The Admissions Office is open Monday to Friday 09:00 – 17:00. For international enquiries please email in the first instance.

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