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Queen Mary’s Ethos

As one of the leading private schools in Yorkshire, Queen Mary’s ethos and culture underpins its success.

'Ut Serviamus' - In order that we may serve.

Everyone is welcomed into a happy community where respect and understanding is built and tolerance and trust are at the heart of the school community.

Queen Mary’s is a Christian community that values, nurtures and respects every individual. A place where all are challenged to do their best, serve others, show compassion and act with integrity.

The School Aims

– Strives for excellence in every endeavour
– Loves life and enjoys learning
– Nurtures spirituality and personal growth
– Respects individuality and embraces diversity
– Enhances character and builds resilience
– Creates independent young people
– Makes strong and lasting friendships.

Queen Mary’s Four Cornerstones


The four cornerstones of the school can be found within every area of the school. These foundations ensure each child develops into an independent individual with a strong moral compass.


Academic Ethos

To provide a broad, stimulating and balanced education for every pupil regardless of ability covering the following areas: linguistic, mathematical, scientific, technological, human and social, physical and aesthetic and creative education.  

– To educate children of all abilities to the best of their ability
– To achieve excellent value added scores across the curriculum
– To encourage intellectual curiosity, critical analysis and independent thinking

– To make the best use of academic data to give an individual approach to learning

– To ensure that all pupils are best prepared for national assessments

– To prepare each pupil for life beyond Queen Mary’s

– To be fully committed to the recruitment and retention of high calibre staff

– To ensure the training and development of staff.

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The Admissions Office is open Monday to Friday 09:00 – 17:00. For international enquiries please email in the first instance.

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