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History & Heritage

Queen Mary’s girls have been at the centre of the decision making for over 90 years.

Becoming Queen Mary’s

In 1925 a girls’ preparatory boarding school was established in the mansion of Duncombe Park, near Helmsley. The number of pupils increased from 23 to 59 after one year. In 1931 the School of Duncombe Park was renamed Queen Mary’s School after the Headmistress, Miss Winifred Wright, and the pupils wrote to Queen Mary herself and received written permission from King George V and Queen Mary. In 1979 a senior school was added to the preparatory school and in 1985 the school moved to the beautiful Baldersby Park.

We are extremely proud to be named Queen Mary’s. Two magnificent portraits hang in our Great Hall one of King George V and one of Queen Mary. The portraits are very generously on loan from Buckingham Palace.

A Woodard School

Queen Mary’s School is one of over 20 independent schools owned by the Woodard Corporation. Established by Nathaniel Woodard in 1848, all Woodard Schools have an outstanding reputation for providing academic excellence coupled with unrivalled pastoral care. Each school caters for the individual where every student is valued and encouraged to give their very best.
Although the schools have been built on a Christian ethos, all faiths are welcome and Woodard Schools openly encourage understanding, diversity and tolerance for all. ‘Faith, Unity and Vision’ are the three words that capture the very essence of a Woodard education.

Baldersby Park - Our Inspiring Setting

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